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Ohio State University & Mount Holyoke Came to WFLMS
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Admission officer from Ohio State University is giving her address to our students

Admission officer from Mount Holyoke College is talking to our elite girl students

The Ohio State University


The Ohio State University is one of the most prestigious and competitive universities in the world. Luckily, the students in WFLMS had the opportunity to get to know more about this school on September 16th. 


One of the staff in the admission office came to our auditorium on Monday, starting with a video; the lecturer explained the advantages of the university exhaustively with a big smile on her face. From the state-of-the-art facilities to innumerous student clubs, the lecturer gave us a full overview of the Ohio State University. The lecturer also introduced us to the school's programs which give them a competitive edge among all the universities and colleges in the US. From countless outdoor activities to undergraduate research, from honors and scholars program to the unique school experience for the freshmen, the Ohio State University provides potential students with a considerable number of opportunities to expand their outlook and develop their academic background. 


Furthermore, students got to know the friendly community and the Ohio "Buckeye Spirit".

In the end, the staff from the Ohio State University also gave out several gifts to students. When the faculty member finished her lecture, she left us with a big smile again which gave our students even a better impression to the friendly and harmonious atmosphere of the Ohio State University. 



Written by 杨云舒 Jenny Yang  from Pre-DP10(1)



The elder sister of American Women College

                            ——Mount Holyoke College

  On September 14, 2013, the Assistant Directorof Admission Mrs. Elizabeth DuMont-McCaffrey of Mount Holyoke College came toour school and gave us some information about their school.

During the lecture, she told us that the women college was a great place which could provide many chances for girls to develop their leadership, because there were no boys! This college also had a wonderful atmosphere for the study of science. This college is located near Boston in Massachusetts. However, the view there is just like one in the countryside. This college also had some interesting traditions, such as milk cookies night and Mountain Day.

At the end of the lecture, she mentioned that there were many international students in her college and because there are only 2200 students, when you are a senior you could  even  have your own room!


More details about campus tours, information sessions, and interviews are available at

TOEFL requirementfor international students: at least 100

SAT: optional

Written by Pre-DP 10 (1) Celeste Qian 钱予忻

PS: One of our alumnae graduated from the local division of WFLMS is now pursuing her senior year in Mount Holyoke. She studies social science.