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Happy Halloween at Both Campuses
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Halloween Party at Home Campus

Scary teachers at International Campus: Mr. Zombie and Mrs Zombie

Three dead men walking

Not student union any more, we are the vampire union!

Murder scene at the cortile

2 Broke Girls

Kimono Girls

A cute bat is asking for help

Happy Halloween at WFLMS

Ever since being kids, we imagine beingsomething else, though it was told that it can never come true. But afterlistening the childhood story of one of our foreign teachers on Flag-raisingceremony had we realized that we could be something that we like at least forone day: Halloween.

On Oct.31st, 2013, teachers and students at the international campus dressed upas different kinds of creatures, from vampires to ghosts, to characters indrama such as two broke girls, female agents “Women in Black”, and “CorpseBride”, the mid-court was filled with laughter and imagination, it was as if wewere back into the old fairy tales and modern stories at the same time. Byusing stickers, participants voted for their favorite characters: 

For students:

“Three Little Buddies” from DP 10 (7) won the first prize with 38stickers; 

Chen Bolin from MYP 8(4) won the second place with 37 stickers;

and Chen Xinyi, Ling Ziru from DP11(1) won the third place with 21 stickers.

And for teachers:

Christa won the first prize with 36 stickers;

Basia won the second place with 19 stickers;

And Devvin won the third place with 18 stickers.

Congratulations to these creative winners!

Though Halloween is only for a single day once a year, the atmosphere can beperpetuate on the campus. I believe we all went home that day with smile andsatisfaction of accomplishing our childhood dream on our face, even if it’sonly for one day, and with a passion for school life ahead in our heart.

Pre DP 10 (1) 

Agnes Pei