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On the morning of Jul.12th, the WFLMS Team Glorious headed for Caoyang High School for a 4-day “SSP Casio Cup” English Debate Championship.


The competition began soon after the Opening Ceremony. As our match was arranged as the last debate of the day, we got the opportunity to observe the splendid debates presented by the other schools.


At the end of the first day, we crossfired with our first opponent, the Qibao High School. Our topic was “Zoos should be abolished”. As the proposition side, we had the privilege to define the key words such as “zoo” or “abolish”. For the preparation done for the past 10 days and our brilliant opening & closing statement, we succeeded in our first debate.


Through draws, we were arbitrarily given our second opponent, the powerful Shanghai High School. The topic assigned was “Loud music should be banned in public parks.” The challenge was great and our time was tight. We lost, but we accomplished an exciting debate together with our opponent. All the judges were amazed. Our second debater, Wang Tian, got the prize of “Best Debater”. Moreover, despite of the defeat, our outstanding performance qualified us into the semi-finals.


Our topic for the semi-finals was “Carrying on national culture is more important than innovating them”. As the propositional side again, this time we debated with the Shixi High School. Both sides were strong and we came neck and neck. Our third debater, Fan Qiuwen, got the honor of the “Best Debater”. At last the victory favored our opponent and we failed to make ourselves all the way to the finals.


It was really a pity that we were eliminated in the semi-finals, but our debaters all learned something from it. This experience is priceless and we all had a great time.


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