MYP Grade 7 students' field trip to Shanghai Wildlife Park
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Trip to Shanghai Wildlife Park

  By: 7(3)班 杨嘉靖

As we blinked our eyes, autumn was waving in front of us. Forgetting about the hotness of summer holiday, we came to Shanghai wildlife park on Oct.29,2013.

‘I don’t think it will smell good.’ someone said on the bus. No matter what, the park would be awesome, I thought. After about an hour, we finally arrived at the huge park. The sky was blue, we were ready to see those adorable animals.

On the way to the beasts section, some gorgeous black swans came into our sight. They were relaxed, swam on the lake like princesses. That was like the scene in the fairytale.But the mood suddenly changed, a giant gate with locks was in front of us. ‘These are the bears!’ someone yelled, stood up, staring at the gate. The bus was driving slowly, and cautiously. We sat up straight, looking forward to see the beasts. Just a minute, an adorable bear came closer to us. He was so big that when he ran, he looked like a meatball. We couldn’t tell how cranky he was, but cuteness. We felt like our heart was melted because of the bear’s action. But the tigers and lions were not that kind like bears. They kept distance from us, ignoring us. They were strong and powerful.

‘Come and sit here. The show will begin in one minute.’ I said to Angelina. Even though the sun was shining and ‘baking’ us, but the show of seals seems to be really funny. One ‘smooth’ big seal came into the stage. He clapped his hands like human beings. He peaked a volleyball on his wet nose and doing a hand-standing. That was incredible, everyone was impressed. We gave him the loudest applause like lightning.

Time flies, the trip was almost end. I sat on the bench, the good memories were flashing in my mind like a movie. No matter what, I had to say, this place was wonderful. At the same time, it reminded us, what could we do to make the animals happy, at least we could give them a home that they used to have. We destroyed too much. Now, it’s time for us to make it up.

That’s an interesting and meaningful trip.